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Some helpful hints There are plenty of bargains to be found on eBay from people who have made the mistake of misspelling a word or making a typo in the title of their auction listing. Find Me A Typo helps you find these bargains.

For best results, enter one or two words in the box above, choose the eBay site you wish to search and press 'Go'. If you need to, choosing a category from the 'Narrow Your Results' box on the left hand side of the eBay results screen will help to narrow the search.

In some cases you may to want exclude certain words from your search. For instance, the word 'Nike' returns auctions with 'Mike' and 'Bike' in the title. To remove them from the results, you would put: mike, bike - in the exclusions box. Seperate each exclusion with a comma.
Searching eBay for misspelt bargains